Driveway & Landscaping Specialists

Paths are really useful for dividing areas of your garden, also for getting around your garden, whether you are able bodied or not.

They can be quite a feature and there are various ways of creating a path to suit your needs and type of style to fit in with whatever theme you may have.

Some designs can be intricate and others quite low key and inexpensive.

Some products are more durable and long lasting.

The key is to fit in with your requirements and the preparation.

The area needs to be marked out and have a good base.



The beauty of block paving is that it can also fit in with your driveway and, or your patio.

Blocks are more uniform as they are manufactured and cut, therefore you are assured of the size you may require.

Block Paving Benefits:




Require little maintenance

Aesthetically pleasing 


Indian stone makes an excellent pathway throughout your garden and can also be used for your driveways and patios to keep the theme running through the external areas of your property.

Indian stone comes in a variety of sizes and colour.

The beauty of a garden is that you can always add extras as it develops.



Whether its a new pave and planting area or a secluded quiet spot in the garden to sit and relax.

Adding interesting dimensions can add to its charm.





As well as laying and installing block paving and indian stone patios

I also lay turfing and astro turf

Including walls and steps